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You are viewing selected architectural images produced from our studio in North Liberty, Iowa over the past 15 years. Our professional clients are architectural firms, major builders, engineers, and special contractors who design and build a variety of commercial buildings you see and use everyday. If you live in Iowa, you will likely recognize several projects displayed here. We are always amazed at the great variety of wonderful architecture we see here in Iowa. Architectural photography is a dynamic profession; a privilege and challenge we assume very seriously, paying attention to the smallest details in our work.

The goal in our photography is to present imaging "as the eye sees it", which can be extremely challenging when multiple light sources are combined with extreme dynamic range, window reflections, people, etc.  Camera sensors have a limited dynamic range, and cannot capture in a single frame the wide range of tonality, colors, and shadows that define a beautiful structure. The human eye is far superior to any camera on the planet, which means a single image will rarely represent what we see. Perfect results are achieved only with complex and careful manual layering to create exactly what our clients have designed and built.

Today, many projects have restricted access, which requires us to shoot in sub-optimal conditions, but we have learned to shoot and capture sun play, reflections, shadows and changing colors normally seen during the daytime, resulting in true-to-life architectural imaging as it was designed by the architect. We watch the sun (and time of year), planning ahead and hoping for optimal natural lighting. We produce awesome imaging that both photographer and client are excited about, and when we both look fantastic, everyone wins!

This website is used for all proofing / display of digital imaging; we share comments per image; and we deliver and archive final imaging for clients. With password-protected client galleries, our clients have easy reference to all photographed projects, for current and future access. I would appreciate your suggestions for additional features---I will see what I can do.

Wayne and Karen Johnson
Main Street Studio
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*old days = 25 years ago shooting film

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Main Street Studio has been in business in North Liberty, Iowa for the past 31 years. Initially a portrait studio, we now specialize in architectural imaging for regional architectural firms, major builders, engineering firms, multiple designers and other consultants. The net keeps spreading, and we continue to impress national firms who are busy designing and working here in Iowa. Despite our media image, Iowa is a very progressive place, and we are very proud to be Iowa natives! Architectural imaging is 100% of what we do, and we take this awesome job very seriously. When you call, you will likely get Karen on the phone. She's the studio manager and able to answer ALL your questions (she's awesome).

We are now the Big, Yellow House on the corner of Main and Chestnut in North Liberty. Our century home was the first residence in town to have hot running water and its own acetylene gas plant in the basement! Once a creamery in the 1800's, our home was re-built into a boarding house for weary travelers on the Iowa City Railroad. Yes, I have searched high and low in this house for hidden treasures, and I'm still searching....